COVID-19: emergency measures


The COVID-19 outbreak situation is getting us in a real international emergency that is actually affecting everyone – even if in different ways – and every aspect of our lives, including the markets.
Sampierana S.p.A. has immediately took all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of its collaborators and their families: since the beginning of March (before the Italian Government decrees of the 8th and 9th March 2020 entered into force), we gave masks to our workers and shared higher standards of hygiene and safety. We suspended job transfers, cleaning and sanitization activities have been intensified in all departments and the employees have been authorized working from home.
As the situation evolved – and in compliance with the measures adopted by the Italian government – we decided to temporarily close the whole company for 10 days, although some of our activities were authorized to be continued, we took this decision as a precaution and to better safeguard the health of our collaborators.

Now the three Sales departments of Sampierana (undercarriages, spare parts and Eurocomach machines) are working from home. At the same time, the undercarriage spare parts and Eurocomach spare parts warehouses, as well as the Eurocomach Service department, are active and available to our worldwide customers, working in total safety.

Sampierana’s business cannot be defined as stopped – but maybe “temporarily reduced” – because thanks to our sales network, we are still active in many countries around the world and we are offering our services at our best.

Recently there has been a continuous updating of the exhibitions calendar in Europe: from the Italian Samoter and Agriumbria to the Smopyc of Zaragoza, each exhibition has been postponed to autumn 2020. These are responsible and respectable choices, but we must not overlook our goal: starting again stronger than before once the emergency is over.

Now our main goal has to be to limit the spread of the infection and we are sure that the measures adopted by our company represent a fundamental point for ensuring the safety of our collaborators and all our interlocutors.

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