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There is a lot of traffic on the Cannes seafront, as often happens between 14 and 25 May when the Film Festival kicks off. Among the cars queuing up, remotely connected, is Milaydis, on a trip to France with the Eurocomach After Sales team, ready to tell us about her career and life in the company.

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How did the experience in Sampierana start? .

Shortly after I finished my studies, in June 2022, while working in San Marino. My Graduate address was Law, Tax and Economics and I dealt with finance and administration in the company. When I received the call to join Sampierana I thought it was an opportunity to return home to San Piero. Initially I entered administration, then, after a short time, other doors opened.

Are you referring to the possibility of joining the After Sales team?

Yes exactly. Gianni, manager of the After Sales team, shortly after my arrival in the company was looking for staff capable of speaking multiple languages. I had worked in hotels in Romagna for twelve years and had practiced French, English and Latin American languages. I immediately took the opportunity and from there others opened up: this role allows me to travel a lot, even abroad, and it is one of the aspects that I love most about my job. Like the possibility of always learning something new.

Let’s talk about this. What drives you to become passionate about the technical work of After Sales every day?

I have always wanted a dynamic job and here I found it. It’s not just about traveling, but also about being in contact with clients. In administration this doesn’t happen, you have more to do with numbers, while in our team customer contact and support are fundamental.

However, your training and even previous work experience were not linked to the world of excavators. How did you manage to build your training?

Thanks especially to Gianni, my manager. I took courses on engines, in particular Yanmar and Kubota which are our engines. I have explored the commercial world, therefore the functions of the machines, their potential based on the customer’s needs, in the field, following the others on the team and putting everything into practice when there is direct contact with the customer. For the more technical knowledge of the machines, at the beginning I was self-taught and the help of Maria Laura, the first of us to join the team, was very important.

What was the most difficult part of this ongoing training?

Being able to transport this knowledge from Italian to other languages, in particular English, French, Spanish. I have recently also been following Northern Europe with Denmark, Sweden and Poland and for this reason English is always the reference language.

The After Sales Team deals with technical assistance, but also with continuous training on Eurocomach models with courses aimed at dealers. Are you also involved in this training?

The courses help me improve precisely the aspect I was talking about before, that of languages. At the moment Nicolas is responsible for carrying out the training in Italian here at the San Piero headquarters and I am responsible for real time translation of the same contents into English. For me it’s a training ground, both to broaden my vocabulary and to learn more and more about the components of the machines, including recent models.

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Yours is a team predominantly made up of women. Have you ever had problems getting dealers to listen to you?

Personally, no, I have never suffered the fact of being a woman in a technical sector like this. The important thing is to assert yourself and make use of your skills. In addition to this, for eight months I was elected as a workers’ union representative and the experience in technical assistance was fundamental in learning to “listen”.

Last question. You are above all women in After Sales, in a technical sector, in a small town, San Piero in Bagno, in the Apennines.It seems a bit like a world apart. Have you ever thought about it?

Yes it’s true, it’s a bit of a world apart. We often find ourselves in contact with people who travel the world from Switzerland to Las Vegas. I also want to continue traveling thanks to my job and the CNH network we have become part of.

However, I confirm: it is a beautiful reality that we have in San Piero and to maintain it we must continue to focus on the quality of our products.

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