New 25X: Eurocomach quality combines with maximum sustainability


The new year for the Eurocomach team opens with sustainable news: the launch of the new 25X, the most powerful of the 100% electric mini-excavators branded Eurocomach.

This model combines the outstanding reliability, stability and hydraulic power that have made Eurocomach the industry leader with environmental sustainability, ensuring zero emissions and all the range you need.

Compared with the 15X, the first Eurocomach electric mini-excavator launched in 2022, the hydraulic system has been upgraded to provide the operator with more driving control, machine responsiveness and precision.

Why choose the 25X? We spoke with the technical and sales team who oversaw the entire project who gave us no less than ten reasons to choose the 25X:

  • Perfect match of electrical technology and hydraulic components with superior lifting capacity and digging performance;
  • Transport weight up to 2,340kg, in line with the diesel equivalent model;
  • Guaranteed autonomy of 4-8 hours, covering the entire workday with a quick charge during lunch break;
  • Two charging modes: standard (220Vac single-phase, 100% in 10 hours) and fast (380Vac three-phase, 20% to 80% in 1 hour);
  • Maximum silence;
  • Every control is in the hands of the operator thanks to improved control and driving comfort;
  • Increasedsensitivity and precision of the machine;
  • Maximum capacity for personalization of work modes;
  • Simplified maintenance.

Maximum flexibility to meet customer needs

The goal of our brand is to always provide maximum flexibility to meet customer needs. Therefore, the 25X, like its predecessor the 15X, also allows 7 working modes to be selected to meet the requirements of any customer and type of application.

Three power managements:

  • Economy => to optimize consumption;
  • Standard => for normal work operations;
  • Power => suitable for particularly heavy workloads;

Four to manage the driving mode:

  • Precision => designed to perform slow, precision movements. The sensitivity of the controls is increased;
  • Normal => allows the machine to perform movements with ordinary speed;
  • Productivity => specific for rapid and dynamic movements, in which case the sensitivity of the controls is minimized.
  • Individual => for customizing the speed of each driving movement of the machine.

Among the services offered to our dealers and customers, we guarantee after-sales technical assistance is, as always, guaranteed by the Eurocomach team, ready to provide support and personalized contact according to each customer’s needs.

Then technical workshops on excavator use and driving will be planned and implemented.

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