Das neue EOC-System von Bosch Rexroth


The collaboration with Bosch Rexroth rises from a shared goals vision

In complex and competitive market times like the current one, it’s very important that the leading earthmoving machinery companies have a vision which points to innovation by becoming as efficient as possible on the entire production process, amortizing costs and avoiding machine downtime. In order to offer solutions full of value transformations to their customers, Sampierana has developed a synergistic collaboration with Bosch Rexroth, one of the main strategic suppliers specialized in electrohydraulic solutions.
Technical progress is bringing innovative solutions to the machinery sector with the electromobility which aims to meet the demands of machine manufacturers for compliance with regulations on eco-mobility, emissions and efficiency even in the most severe operating conditions. The electromobility sector is innovating with new generation digitized components, produced by the experience of Bosch Rexroth in mobile applications, the technological skills of industrial electrical solutions and many years of work in the automotive field. the EOC system – electronic open circuit – by Bosch Rexroth, Sampierana with its Eurocomach brand has been able to design, within two years, two innovative models for end users: the 60ZT and the 65TR, which are extremely agile, reduces costs and the probability of machine downtime, increases productivity and complies with the latest regulations in terms of environmental impact.

The 60ZT and 65TR midi-excavators: the difference is in the arm

The Kubota engine is powerful and above all – as now for the whole Eurocomach range – it is Stage 5, compliant with the latest European anti-pollution regulations. Both models are equipped with a Fan Drive system which makes the machine quieter and thanks to the reverse function (inversion of the direction of rotation of the fan for cleaning the radiant masses) cooling and cleaning operations are even more efficient.
The new cabin – wide and comfortable – is installed on specific hydraulic shock absorbers, which considerably reduce vibrations onboard. 
in addition to the servo assisted controls and a cushioned seat with arm rests and motion levers with closing pedals, the new 6-ton range models are equipped with radio, storage compartments and mobile phone holder with USB port, courtesy light, sliding sunblind and other practical accessories. In addition, the 7” multifunction display which allows the operator to overview the machine status and choose among different configurations by using simple and intuitive commands.
the illumination is already LED in standard setting for optimal visibility and reduced energy consumption.
Mono-boom in the 60ZT (zero-tail) and triple arm in the 65TR (short radius) are the two models that share performance and versatility, differentiated by the boom. the latter is highly appreciated in the most particular excavation, handling and loading operations.

The EOC system from Bosch Rexroth: flexibility and customization for all operators

Recently, the need to reduce emissions and comply with safety regulations has accelerated the digitization process of operating machines and, after the digitalization of hydrostatic transmissions for multiple applications, with the introduction of the EOC concept, Bosch Rexroth completes its offer of digitized systems also in the implementation part. The main goal is to achieve maximum performance by actively controlling the physics of the system in terms of flow, pressure and power. The EOC system allows maximum flexibility and customization of functions based on the type of work to be performed and the preferences of the operator. The adjustment is exclusively electronically done while the hardware is unchanged. This standardization allows an improved management of logistics and an optimized management in assembly to the reduction of variants.

Bosch Rexroth is going through exciting times in terms of innovation and – due to the digitization of Off-Highway applications – the company wants to create a more efficient, quieter and less polluted future of construction equipment. The mission we have is to work side by side with companies like Sampierana S.p.A to make all this possible.

Ugo Paternuosto, Sales Product and Application Manager Bosch Rexroth Italia

We are passionate about our work and because of this passion, ideas are transformed into unique solutions. We started with iron working and we came to create special machines, and the future of artificial intelligence will push us even further. Despite global expansion, we want to keep our roots anchored in our territory and create quality solutions that add value to our customers. It is thanks to the collaboration with a reliable partner like Bosch Rexroth that we can achieve these goals: integrating skills, sharing knowledge, improving together.

Alessandro Goisis, Marketing Dept. Manager – Giuseppe Fabbri, Eurocomach Technical Dept. Manager – Francesco Para, Eurocomach Technical Dept.

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