Bucket mixer


Mixing bucket Sampierana (MBS) is a frontal attachment for skid loaders and wheel loaders.

The product range includes 5 different models for skid loaders from 150 liters capacity to 450 liters.
Available with universal Bobcat coupling or also for all types of wheel loaders.


The MBS is designed to make the production of concrete on site quick and safe: the discharge pipe is placed to the side, in a totally safe position and does not require the presence of the operator below the equipment. The bucket tank is designed so that the entire structure of the paddles can be extracted, facilitating maintenance operations.

Why to buy MBS

The discharge pipe is connected at the side, in a totally safe position, and the operator’s presence underneath the attachment is not required. In fact, the shift to central position is controlled by the hydraulic system and operated from the cab. A guide rod fitted to the bottom end of the pipe allows the operator on the ground to direct the discharge pipe outlet to the working position, again without approaching the material discharge zone. The gear motor guarantees high system performance, while the mixer’s rugged structure, combined with the tough auger in hard-wearing HB400 steel, ensures a long operating lifetime.


Front Pallet Fork

Sampierana Front Pallet Forks are designed to handle palletised loads. The product range includes 4 different models for skid loaders with load capacities from 1000 kg to 2500 kg.


fresatrici a ruota

Wheel saws

Sampierana wheel saws are manufactured by Simex. Our wheel milling machines make it possible to work on hard or compact surfaces.



Bucket sweepers

It can be equipped with a PPL brush suitable for the cleaning of standard and sensitive surfaces or other optional brushes.


Benna 4 in 1

4in1 Front bucket

The product range includes 9 different models for skid loaders from 1.020mm long buckets to 2.150mm. Supplied with universal Bobcat coupling. Also available with welded teeth. Standard length hydraulic hoses already included.


Pialle frontali

Frontal Planers

Frontal planers Sampierana (PLS), built by our supplier Simex, are designed for removing the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or for milling deteriorated sections for later resurfacing.


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